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I loved it well worth the money
by pookie

Fantastic lead. Has made a real differance to our bad backs. The stretch in it is great and the lead is so well made and robust. Would be superb for joggers dogs as it is so strong. Highly recommended 5 stars.

Best Lead Ever
by sandraemarlow

My Border collie aged 2 years is stone deaf so we actually attach the ROK Strap to a 30ft training lead which enables her to have a long run and if she pulls the ROK Strap stops her hurting our arms. We love this lead would not use any other. Would recommend it to everyone for their dogs big or small.

Best leads I have ever purchased
I looked at your reviews before I decided to purchase 2 large leads to use with my 2 chocolate labradors who are extremely strong and pull on the lead when they want to either meet up with other people or dogs. The second handle next to the collar works great on these times when close control is needed and my dogs immediately seem to know to give up even trying to pull. One of my dogs has a tendency to walk ahead and if unchecked the lead would be constantly taught. The ROK lead has within 1 week of using it made my dog recognise the lead is starting to stretch and she slows her pace down accordingly within minutes of being out on a walk. In addition I noticed that one gentleman had returned his lead as his father found the lead was too thick. I would agree that the lead is thicker and heavier than a normal lead however there is no need to hold it in your hand folded when your dog is off lead as it has a metal ring just behind the handle and you can hook the lead through this and put it across your shoulder and over your hip which is a very comfortable way of carrying it when not in use. I have 2 leads and have no problem doing this when out on walks with my dogs when they just want to run ahead and play and it leaves my hands free. I have already made a recommendation to my friend about these leads and she has just ordered 2 for her dogs based on my total satisfaction. Finally they look great and are really robust so good value for money.

Best Lead Ever
by nikki ewan

Got this lead for my very strong Lab x Rotti and love it. The best feature has to be the second handle close to the collar which allows me to get a much firmer grip when she tries to pull away.

Very Good Value
by Pauline

I have 2 Irish Setters who both pull but this lead gives me more control and walks are much more fun and my arms are not pulled out thier sockets bliss.

Keep It Simple Stoopid!
by Stretcher

I'm no dog expert; just a middle aged geezer who has just bought a dog that's all. So, as for the large lead I bought. Does what cheaper ones can't do as they are too elastic. I'm not into the extending type leads - I just wanted a good lead and didn't want to carry around a portable washing line! Feels secure, comfortable grip and the "traffic leader" is a boon on a long lead. Also, if your grip strength is not what it was, you can loop your hand through it, then grab the lead and it's still comfortable. Got a 4 month Old English Sheepdog (huge, strong!) and I now comes home from walks with elbow and shoulder joints intact. Avoids the use of a "choker", of which I'm not a fan.

by Sue.

Good quality and very strong lead, just what I need for my Bull Mastiff who likes to pull! It has stopped my arms hurting and I have more control with the traffic leader. Certainly recommend.

Excellent Quality
by Gareth

Excellent quality leash, feels very strong and durable, my 2 year old Northern Inuit has literally had me skidding down my gravel drive with a regular leash, this leash makes it a lot easier to keep him reigned in. Would reccomend to anyone with back or joint problems too, it certainly removes the jolt out of a pulling dog and makes walking a pulling dog a lot more comfortable.

Can't beat it
by Steve

This is a fantastic lead. I've a goldie who likes to pull my arm off when I take him out, especially when he's first getting out of the car! This lead takes the shock out of the initial pull, and I've actually found that it has lessened his pulling, as he's quickly sussed out that there's only so much give in the lead before I get control back! Great product!

Fabulous lead
by Caron

I love this lead with the inbuilt shock absorber and additional loop for more control. I have a 7 month old Border Collie who has developed a sudden fascination for moving cars. Whilst road-side training this lead offers two options of control that is just ideal.

Excellent Lead
by ********

This really is a fantastic lead. It's very well made and the stretch really helps your back. The shorter in built non stretch loop is great for having greater control of the dog near roads and also for training. I have 3 large dogs, 2 Alaskan Malamutes and an Akita and this lead is great for all.

We have two Sibes who like to work when they are out and exercise them with the leads attached to the Manmat Mushers belt. Superb quality and the non stretch loop is great for road crossings.We tried the inferior Xtreme brand initially, but after four replacements due to breaking under strain, we found this lead.
Cant recommend it enough. REVIEW BY MARTIN

I bought one of these leads to try because I have a Husky Akita cross (Akira) and a tall staffy (Boston). Akira is worse for pulling than Boston, but Boston is more likely to suddenly pull to either meet other dogs or chase cats,  so jolts my shoulder alot when he does this. Normally after walkies my arms will ache for hours but this lead has stopped that completely! And it self corrects them because of the elastic-it is amazing and I will be ordering my second one immediatley! Also the customer service and delivery was exceptional! =) REVIEW BY LAUREN

Think this lead is brilliant well worth its money. I have a 2 year old Huskie who pulls for the first mile, this just calms him down straight away and comes bouncing back alot easier. REVIEW BY LILLIHULL

This lead is Amazing. We have Huskies and Great Danes. We have the medium in Black and Orange and the large in Pink. The elasticity in the lead allows less stress on the handlers shoulder joints, great when one of our furries catches sight of a cat! The added bonus of two handles one at full length the other close to the clasp allows for control on road walks or when approaching groups of people. There is a very sturdy ring joining the main handle to the lead where you can attach it to a walking belt via a carabina. Heavy duty metal work on the lead allows for satisfaction knowing that even a 75kg 10 month old Great Dane brought up with huskies couldn't break it! Highly recommend can't big it up enough. REVIEW BY JOSS

I purchased this dog lead, in the main, because it had a method for securing the dog in the car, as well as the benefits of a lead that had 'elasticity' thus relieving the pull on both the dog and walker. The lead has proved to work excellently on both accounts. REVIEW BY R A DEVALL

Having a mature 7 year old female Husky that is frightened of most things, new to her including people and cars. She is rather prone to pulling my arm socket off. This lead absorbs that sudden lunge and gives you the confidence of a well constructed hardwearing product. I like the added close working loop a clever feature.
Only two minor negative points. Firstly the main hand loop in my opinion could do with a tightening collar as the loop is rather large over the hand and can easily slip over if the dog pulls suddenly. As my dog has no road sense she can pull straight into the road, so the stretch in the lead has to be watched.

Overall a good solid product, well designed and attractive to the eye especially in Blue/Black to match your Huskies eyes. REVIEW  BY WILSY

I love this lead with the inbuilt shock absorber and additional loop for more control. My dog has developed a sudden fascination for moving cars. Whilst road-side training this lead offers two options of control that is just ideal. REVIEW BY CARON

Love this lead :o)
It's perfect, I use it in combo with my walking belt and attached to Thor's walking harness works a treat. It's a good strong bungee with the added plus of the traffic handle. All round top notch, would highly recommend :o) REVIEW BY MANDY M

I have 2 Siberian Huskies and find the leads great , just enough stretch to keep them under control and the traffic handle is great ,would recomend this product. REVIW BY ANNE

We have 2 large GSDs who will easily pull my 65yr old dad over if he's not careful. We've had the EzyDog leads in the past but went for the ROK Strap because of the ease to shorten the lead in traffic. They feel very sturdy and strong, and would certainly help with controlling the dogs. Nice product. REVIEW BY ANNOYMOUS

This really is a fantastic lead. It's very well made and the stretch really helps your back. The shorter in built non stretch loop is great for having greater control of the dog near roads and also for training. I have 3 large dogs, 2 Alaskan Malamutes and an Akita and this lead is great for all. REVIEW BY MITCH

Thank you for demonstrating the ROK-Leads to me at Paws In The Park. Very interesting product and havent seen anything like this before. I think they are great and I love the colours available. Pitty I dont have more dogs otherwise I'd buy all the colours. My husband likes the way the lead stretches, doesn't give that sudden jerk we used to get with our retractable lead but obtains control. Nice meeting you and thanks again. REVIEW BY GAIL.

Thank you for my lead I received last week.. I was very impressed with the quality build of this lead. Looks great and already people are asking where I bought it from. I shall certainly let them know. Great service and promt delivery. Thanks alot . REVIEW BY PFC FAN

We love our ROK-Stretch lead. The progressive tension takes away that sudden jolt. No more yanks on my wife's arm, she doesn't mind so much taking our Retriever out now. We also like the added traffic handle, great idea for when your walking in built up area's. Nice product and value for money, I think our friends will be placing an order too, they think its great. REVIEW BY JDS

I bought this ROK-stretch dog lead for my 3 year old Labrador 'Rocky' who is a puller after it was recommended to me by a friend. I took the lead out at the weekend and I am utterly amazed at its performance. Rocky is renowned for pulling and jerking my arms on our walks, but after his first walk using this lead we both noticed the difference. It took about half an hour for Rocky to realiase that pulling on the lead would no longer pull my arm out of its socket, the progressive tension signalled Rocky to stop without the sudden jolt. This is truly unlike any other lead I have bought in the past and would recommend to any owners who's dogs pull. Just using this lead on 3 walks Rocky seems a different dog and doesn't pull half as much, it seems this lead is a training device too, I love the Orange and Black I purchased I certainly will be buying another to keep in the car. 5 star all round product and service. Recommend to others. REVIEW BY MRS MORGAN

I bought this lead for my 50kg Bullmastiff. It is the best lead I have ever bought. It is very heavy duty, stands up to tug of war and feels very secure, i've had previous problems with snapping handles and hooks. The built in control handle is an excellent feature. Word of warning if your dog is prone to lunging at other dogs, use the control handle. As the bungee when pulled by a heavy strong dog allows about an extra half foot of stretch! Would buy again. BY BULLYGIRL

This is the best buy that I have made, my dog was a puller! and I was always suffering with neck and shoulder problems. Since buying the ROK lead, Ive had no problems and I do believe it has trained my dog to stop pulling!! Submitted by B. Parkin

Brilliant, no more pulling my arms out of its socket, allows dog some pull but stops without the violent jerking on both parties have spoken to other users who also rate it highly. Submitted by N. Moore

The ROK lead is the best lead ever. Great build quality and good for dogs that pull. Submitted by Deborah

Cheryl Wood: The best dog lead around! Rok Strap leads are brilliant. I will never go back to having a normal lead again. The bungee definately takes the strain out of a pulling dog! And the short handle is great for when I need that extra control, not ...saying I have a nightmare of a dog (Troy is brilliant and the most well behaved out of alot I know!) Dont know what I would do without my Rok Strap! One of my doggy essentials. Thank you for having the best lead ;-)

Katy Carmichael: I've just bought two of the shorter leads for my two growing labx doggies and they are just as fabulous as the original 54" ones.  I have so much control over what can be naturally very determined dogs and can easily walk both even through a street full of cats because they know there's only so far they can go and neither of us gets a jolt.  When I got the first dog (labxcollie) she was really difficult to walk and whatever lead I tried I'd end up with an aching shoulder and sore arms from pulling her back.  She walked beautifully in training (no cats or squirrels, no promise of the park and yummy treats I think!) but outside she was difficult.  My first ROK strap lead helped both of us to get into a comfortable walking pattern and now that she's grown I can walk her for hours on the shorter leads without any problems.  She still chases squirrels and cats off the lead but I can live with that!

The Seja Family: First off i want to say THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU for making such a awesome product! I love the ROK Lead. I have an Australian Kelpie he is going to be 2 in Jan, and he loved to pull we hated it....we bought two ROK leads last year at a dog surfing contest and since then we have been bragging about it. we even gave one to a friend of ours that she loves for her mastiff/lab puppy. The lead doesn't make taking our surf dog on walks or jogs a drag. We couldn't be happier with your Lead thanks so much again!!!

Caroline (and Al the Mal)

I LOVE my ROK Lead! And Alan (Alan is my Malamute, not my husband lol!) Loves it too! For years Alan wore a halti that went over his nose, and now he has this brand new sniffing freedom! He can't thank Rok enough and neither can I. I no longer get my arm pulled off when chasing after cats, or swept off my feet when a squirrel runs past, the ROK strap is amazing and we are so grateful, thankyou guys so much for such a fantastic product, highly recommend to all dog owners what ever breed your buddy is! (Alan has also asked me to say that he would also love the new reflective lead for his night time walks, he likes to show off his trendy lead and wants everyone to see it!)

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